The Crunch: Chambers of commerce are long-standing, trusted networking organizations, but their traditional roles are evolving to help business leaders adapt to changes in today’s commercial environment. The Greater Phoenix Chamber (GPC) is one of those modern organizations helping members address barriers to growth. The GPC provides leadership training, promotion, legal advocacy, and economic development through the Phoenix Forward initiative and Workforce Development Collaboratives. Surveys show that GPC’s efforts are boosting retention and helping equip Phoenix businesses for future expansion. By meeting the changing needs of a diverse business ecosystem, GPC is building both a stronger Phoenix economy and community.

The first US chamber of commerce was founded in New York City in 1768, laying the foundation for local networks as reputable advocates for small business. Today, chambers of commerce continue to play an important role in attracting new businesses to their communities, providing networking opportunities, and offering resources to local entrepreneurs.



Posted by Danny Imes