On Tuesday, April 10, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) is hosting a conversation on women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

It’s clear that the future of the U.S. economy is dependent on growing STEM education and filling STEM related careers.  According to the Economics and Statistics Administration, an office within the U.S. Department of Commerce, while women are making gains in STEM field, they are still underrepresented in STEM.

In fact, only 24 percent of STEM jobs are held by women. When it comes to getting women involved in STEM careers and, then leadership positions in the STEM field, the problem starts long before women enter the workforce. Women only hold roughly 30 percent of all STEM degrees in the country.

It’s clear that there is a lack of women represented in the STEM field, and a smaller number of women studying STEM related subjects.

Join GPCC at the April 10 Professional Women’s Alliance luncheon to hear from Jenny Weitz, Paradise Valley Community College’s Honors Program Director Professor. She will share her journey of breaking into the STEM field. Weitz holds a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree with High Honors in Physics from Sweet Briar College in Virginia. Her subsequent graduate research in cosmology earned her an M.S. in Physics from the University of California at Davis.

Weitz will also explain why it is important to develop the next generation of female STEM leaders. As an added perspective, attendees will hear from one of Professor Weitz’s students who is entering a STEM career herself.

Weitz loves the power of the night sky, the openness of the universe, and the sense of peace that you get when you look up. She is dedicated to achieving community engagement in science and exploration, and has taught astronomy at Paradise Valley Community College since 2010.

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Posted by Danny Imes