Since 1987, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) has honored the accomplishments of businesses and the impact they make on the Greater Phoenix business community. GPCC looks for companies with a strong footprint in the Valley that deserve special recognition.

GPCC recognizes two businesses—one with 250 employees or fewer and one with more than 250 employees—in four categories. An IMPACT Business of the Year Recipient is selected from the category recipients in both business sectors and announced at the 31st Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon on May 24, 2018.

Meet the companies that have been named a 2018 IMPACT Awards recipients.

Arizona Advocate – A business promoting pro-growth, pro-job policies that foster a business-friendly climate, advocating for Arizona on a state, national and/or global level as a unique place for businesses and individuals to thrive.

Community Champion – A business focusing on local community involvement, volunteering and truly making a positive impact in the community throughout their company.

Economic Driver – A business substantially contributing to the economic vitality of the Greater Phoenix community by creating new jobs and opportunities, advancing a new industry or revitalizing a business sector or neighborhood.

Exceptional Innovator – A business exemplifying the spirit of entrepreneurialism.  This business identifies opportunities or unmet needs and takes risks, creates value, initiates change or develops innovative solutions.

Join GPCC and the Greater Phoenix business community in recognizing and celebrating the impact of these eight businesses at the 31st Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon on May 24, 2018.

IMPACTful Nonprofit: 
The IMPACTful Nonprofit Award is an award category in the Chamber’s annual IMPACT Awards. This award recognizes the value of nonprofits in the Valley, while also taking into consideration the unique situation, scope and abilities of a nonprofit organization. Interested in determining the recipient for the IMPACTful Nonprofit Award? Vote here.

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Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin