Chamber position: Oppose

The Chamber stands with Arizona’s business leaders and hardworking families in firm opposition to the “Clean Energy” ballot proposal.

This initiative, filed by an out-of-state group funded primarily by California billionaire Tom Steyer, would amend Arizona’s State Constitution to require that public utility companies obtain half of their energy from renewable sources in less than twelve years’ time. If approved, these mandates will cost Arizona thousands of jobs, double energy costs for the average family and weaken Arizona’s economic competitiveness.

The Greater Phoenix region has one of the largest sources of clean energy in the country. Putting that needed and reliable energy supply at risk is not in the best interest of the state. Further, the Arizona Constitution is not the place to mandate regulatory energy policies that cannot be modified without going back to the voters for the simplest of changes. If Arizona approves these costly regulations, everyday citizens will be stuck paying the price for generations to come.


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Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin