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Rebate Program Encourages Electric Transportation

As gas prices and demand for low- and zero-emission modes of transportation continue to increase, more drivers are looking to invest in electric vehicles (EVs) to get them to work and home each day. With the increased demand in EVs, companies are looking for ways to provide perks to employees who are driving these modes of transportation.

SRP is committed to reducing carbon emissions, and supporting EV adoption is part of this. To date, more than 100 electric vehicle chargers have been installed at Valley businesses thanks, in part, to SRP’s Workplace EV Charging Rebate Program. The companies that have participated are providing their employees the opportunity to charge their EVs at work while also providing a way to charge their own fleet of electric vehicles.

Freedom Financial Network is one company that participated in the rebate program and recently installed eight chargers for employees to charge while at work at the company’s offices in Tempe.

“We took advantage of the SRP rebate program, and SRP’s expertise, to help purchase and install the chargers,” says Terri Candelaria, director of facilities and administration. “The ability to offer electric-vehicle chargers helps attract and retain high-quality employees while contributing to Maricopa County’s air quality. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate environmental leadership as a company.”

Driving electric can save money on fuel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 to 50 percent as compared to an equivalent gasoline vehicle, and reduce emissions of ozone precursors. There are more than 8,300 plug-in electric vehicles in the SRP service territory and that number is increasing.

“SRP is actively working toward supporting transportation electrification,” said Nathan Morey, SRP manager of product development. “By providing these incentives, we are able to provide for economy-wide carbon emissions reductions while helping drivers save money.”

Electric vehicle ownership has increased dramatically in the last seven years. In 2010, there were four electric vehicles registered in Arizona. While the EV adoption rate briefly leveled out from 2014 to 2015, it began to increase again from nearly 6,000 in 2015 to more than 14,000 as of July 2018.

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