Each year, the VYP Board decides on goals and themes for the program that help identify the focus for content, speakers, and community partners. This month, hear from Andy Forsell as he shares his thoughts on the importance of supporting local businesses.

Andy Forsell, Assistant Vice President, Lockton Companies

Question: Why is it important to support local businesses?

Answer: Conversations about “business” too often leave out the human element. Supporting local businesses means supporting members of your community whose businesses not only serve others in your community but also are providing wages used to provide for local families.

Question: How have you supported local businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: Personally, I’ve paid closer attention to where I choose to do business and keep a close eye on businesses that are championed by great locally focused organizations like LocalFirst Arizona. It provides a handy excuse to get take-out from our local food scene when I would rather not cook, and who doesn’t love a good “reason” to do that?

Secondly, by supporting organizations that focus on the local business community. I serve on both the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s Board and the VYP board, and another organization I’m involved with – Suns Charities 88 – supports the mission of the Phoenix Suns’ Charitable arm, which expanded its focus from children & families to include local businesses.

Question: How does supporting local businesses align with the goals of the Valley Young Professionals?

Answer: Aside from the obvious – that the Valley Young Professionals, as part of the business-focused Greater Phoenix Chamber, is directly aligned with supporting local business – the actual members of the VYP are all members of the local business community ourselves.

Question: What are your top two tips to other young professionals on how to support local businesses in Phoenix?

Answer: Consider joining the Greater Phoenix Chamber Valley Young Professionals (of course), or seek out other Chambers of Commerce and see what initiatives they are driving.

Crowd-source from your networks! As a young professional, your network is likely chock full of others who are working for or leading local businesses. Plus, there are great resources out there like LocalFirst Arizona whose primary focus is championing, supporting & spreading awareness about how to support local business. онлайн займ быстрый займ пенсионерамбыстрый займ на карту сбербанка онлайнзайм на лицевой счет онлайн первый займ без процентов с 18 летлайм займ спбзайм карту займ на карту сбербанка без отказасмс займоформить займ

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