In November 2019, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation released the State of the Workforce Report, a comprehensive look at seven critical industries in Arizona, their talent pipelines, and their growing workforce needs and anticipated shortages.

Since last year, Arizona’s labor market and workforce needs have changed dramatically and unexpectedly. In fact, our state’s workforce has fluctuated significantly over the past few months with unemployment decreasing from 10.7% in July down to 5.9% in August.

In a follow-up to that report, we’ve once again partnered with Trevor Stokes, Chief Executive Officer with the Partnership for Workforce Development, to develop the Foundation’s Annual Workforce Study.

Over the past five months, the Foundation team has worked closely with Trevor Stokes to conduct business surveys, align the research with business needs, and catalyze data that businesses will be able to leverage in their workforce and training plans in the new year.

The Annual Workforce Study, which will debut next week at the Current and Future State of Arizona’s Workforce Webinar on December 10th, will provide insight into the most negatively impacted careers, along with those that are experiencing significant growth.

Attendees will hear a play-by-play breakdown of the report and learn how to leverage this data to develop workforce solutions. In addition to debuting the Annual Workforce Study, Trevor Stokes will discuss comprehensive labor market data, the impact of COVID-19, and the future of Arizona’s workforce. This conversation will serve as a mid-point check-in with businesses following Economic Outlook 2021 and provide a platform for business leaders to connect regarding critical workforce needs and industry changes.

Following the presentation of the study, a panel of business leaders will discuss how the trends in the workforce study are directly impacting the workplace and the workforce, and how your business can utilize this data to make informed decisions.

I hope you’ll join us on December 10th for this informative conversation about Arizona’s changing workforce needs and how the business community can move forward in 2021.


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