The December Professional Women’s Alliance webinar featured Andrea Tyler Evans, Publisher and Owner of Frontdoors Media & Frontdoors Magazine.  Evans is a first-time college graduate in her family, a serial entrepreneur and volunteer, a wife, and mother of two. During the webinar, she frequently reinforced several mottos and personal qualities that have driven her success along the way: determination, learning, and attitude.  Andrea has 15 years of experience in nonprofit consulting and event planning.  Then in 2017, she teamed up with her husband to become the new owners and publishers of Frontdoors Media & Frontdoors Magazine.

“I was ready for a new challenge. Becoming a publisher felt like the perfect next step,” Evans explains. “Owning Frontdoors would allow me to bring together all of my past experience with nonprofits and relationships, with those who give and volunteer year after year.”

While building her career and business, Evans has also been battling a rare nasal cancer since 2012.  After multiple brain surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation she has been in and out of remission. However, during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Evans was faced her own disheartening news; her cancer returned in March of this year.  But having a good attitude is everything, and Evans uses her personal experiences as a catalyst to be her best every day. She compartmentalizes her cancer by keeping busy, problem solving, and feels better by meeting with her team to progress her goals.

“My taste of hardship has made it abundantly clear to me why lending a helping hand, with time, skills, and money is important,” says Evans.  “It connects us as human beings and it keeps society moving forward.  I love what I do as a result, and it is truly an honor to share this perspective with you.”

Despite delays from the pandemic, Frontdoors Magazine has released several issues this year. Through each challenge in 2020, Evans says her best piece of advice is the “Five Finger Rule”; just focus on five things at one time.  She also stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with mentors, networking with other female leaders in the Valley, and to never stop learning.  As she takes her own advice, Evans uses her determination to drive her success and inspire others to prosper as well.

Check out the latest issue of Frontdoors Magazine and the Arizona Tax Credit – Giving Guide 2020-2021.

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