January 11, 2021

PHOENIX (January 11, 2021)—As we embark upon the 55th Legislature, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Greater Phoenix Chamber, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Greater Phoenix Leadership and Southern Arizona Leadership Council urge the Democrat and Republican caucuses to demonstrate unity in organizing the new Legislature.

Elected leaders in both parties can and should help bring the political turmoil in our nation and Arizona to an end. Members of the Legislature should perform the duties mandated by the constitution that they swore to uphold. These duties far transcend political partisanship.

The upcoming legislative session will be critical for Arizona’s recovery. The business community expects our elected leaders to unite and advance policies that will strengthen our state’s economy, protect our residents’ health, put Arizonans back to work and promote a positive image for our state. Any policies or actions to the contrary are detrimental to Arizona’s ability to attract and retain business and talent. The business community will stand in staunch opposition to attempts to undermine the spirit of unity and collaboration essential to our state’s ability to prosper.

Arizona is well-positioned to be a national leader in the post-pandemic recovery. We call upon our elected officials to prioritize Arizona over politics. hairy girl

Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin

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