We’re a month into the new year with new political leadership in Arizona and the nation. As we move forward, it’s important to not only think about leaders today, but develop our leaders of tomorrow. As the saying goes, we are a product of our upbringing. It’s through a culmination of experiences and mentorship that the next generation become thoughtful citizens and future leaders. For more than a decade, the Greater Phoenix Chamber has led the way in developing young business leaders who will transform our community as the global landscape evolves.

In 2010, the Chamber launched our groundbreaking Valley Young Professionals (VYP) program. The VYP program provides a platform for our members to foster a sense of community for their young professional employees. The VYP program assists in developing critical leadership skills and business connections and creates change-makers in our region. Through meaningful events and workshops, we provide monthly opportunities for our community’s young professionals to connect, learn, and engage with the broader community.

One element that makes our program truly innovative is that it is led by a separate board of directors. The Valley Young Professionals’ Board of Directors, consisting of 14 elected leaders, provides valuable direction for our monthly programs and strategic input for the program’s future. The VYP Board of Directors also acts as a talent pipeline for the Chamber’s Board of Directors. I’m proud to share that we’ve welcomed four leaders from the VYP Board of Directors onto the Chamber’s Board of Directors, and will continue to elevate these leaders within our Chamber. These leaders have brought invaluable insights on important initiatives such as our soon to be launched, Diversity and Inclusion toolkit and which have impacted the direction of the Chamber and how we support businesses.

As our community evolves and our businesses strive to keep pace with the global economy, I know that the future of our success lies within the quality of our young talent. And that’s why today’s business and community leaders must create space for our young professionals to learn, grow, and bring new ideas to the table.

For our organization and member businesses, mentoring young professionals and fostering next generation leaders have paid dividends. I urge you to look around your organization, identify your young talent, and encourage them to participate with our Valley Young Professionals program because leadership is always in demand. взять займ с просрочкой на картусамый выгодный онлайн займбез процентов займ займ под 1 процентбыстро займ на карту сбербанкабыстрый займ ставрополь займ на карту без фото паспортазайм у частного лица ульяновсквзять онлайн займ срочно

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