Each year, the VYP Board decides on goals and themes for the program that help identify the focus for content, speakers, and community partners. This month hear from Jill Foley as she shares what motivates her at work and her goals for her time on the VYP Board.

Jill Foley, CPA, Founder, Managing Partner of Four Leaf Financial & Accounting, PLLC

Question: What is your favorite aspect of the Greater Phoenix area?

Answer: Phoenix is a great city for entrepreneurs and is very network oriented. Phoenicians are ready and willing to make connections – it feels like the smallest big city.

Question: What motivates you at work?

Answer: At Four Leaf, we have the privilege of working with a wide range of nonprofit organizations that are impacting people’s lives for the better every single day. What I have learned is that no one can make change alone, and the fact that our services are a part of the puzzle of positively impacting communities is hugely motivating for me. By providing the resources and guidance our clients need to make well-informed financial decisions, we support them in being the most powerful changemakers they can be.

Question: What goals do you hope to accomplish while on the VYP Board?

Answer: As a member of the VYP Board, I am excited to bring my experience of working with a wide-range of nonprofit organizations to the table.  As one of the few members of the board who works with nonprofits, I plan to learn from my fellow board members in for-profit industries while providing a much-needed voice for community-focused organizations in this sphere.

Posted by Annelise Patterson