Are you ready to begin implementing D&I practices into your business but aren’t sure where to start? The Chamber is here to help you kick off your journey and connect you with both like-minded employers and diversity experts.  Our Diversity & Inclusion committee chair Frank Reid answers the following questions to help you get started!

Following the launch of the Diversity & Inclusion for business toolkit, the Chamber invites you to attend our inaugural D&I Employer Forum on Wednesday, May 19th. Join us as representatives from our D&I committee host a conversational info session to answer questions and provide guidance on developing and implementing your own inclusive workplace strategies. Register today!

What is your perspective on current events and how has it influenced the creation of the GPC Diversity & Inclusion Program?

Given events from the past year and what’s currently unfolding, it has become very critical that companies recognize that employees are no longer willing to work for an organization that doesn’t care about similar ideals and values. Based on this premise and others involving employee engagement and recruiting, most businesses will need to have an intentional focus on building a diverse and inclusive workplace. However, one of the biggest obstacles in addressing DE&I is where to start.  We think this program can help.

Why is it important for businesses of all sizes to be considering Diversity & Inclusion initiatives?

All businesses have employees, customers/clients, and a brand or community presence. Protecting these assets are critical to ensure sustainable growth and to maintain a solid community reputation. The critical part of this initiative is to show that your business is aware and empathetic to things that affect your customers, employees, and the community that you serve.

How do you foresee the GPC Diversity & Inclusion Program changing the way business is done in Phoenix?

Not only have we built a meaningful toolkit for you to use, but we have also committed resources and expertise to work with our Chamber members on their journey through regularly scheduled knowledge sharing sessions and best practices. We also believe the more we assist the greater business community with this initiative, the more attractive Phoenix becomes as a leading business and talent attraction destination.

Why would you recommend the GPC Diversity & Inclusion Program as a starting point for businesses in the Valley?

There is a lot of information and advice in the corporate arena surrounding D&I. They Key is understanding where your organization is on the learning curve and start at a place where your organization is ready to learn. Simply doing what another company is doing can be very risky if your company isn’t at the same place on the D&I spectrum. The toolkit allows you to make that determination. The more you acknowledge where you currently stand as a company, the greater chance you’ll have to get the traction you need to make a difference.

Why should companies send a representative to attend the May 11th D&I Roundtable Forum?

If your organization is committed to D&I but are just starting out, there is nothing more beneficial than partnering with companies that are in a similar position to learn grow and have an impact. One of the things I’ve learned in my career is that knowledge is most powerful when it’s shared with others!

Posted by Annelise Patterson