By: Joanna Gonos, Plexus Worldwide, Director, Internal Communications & PR

The line between our work and home lives has become blurrier as more companies embrace telecommuting, flexible schedules, or some version of a hybrid workplace. Similarly, the way we think about self-care in a post-pandemic world should also mirror the melding of work and home life.

Self-care is most impactful when integrated into daily life. While a day at the spa is certainly cause for celebration, one’s health habits, work and home environments, and ability to balance flexibility with intentionality can give us the consistency we need to make self-care a priority.

Below are 7 self-care tips to help us feel energized, focused, and more prepared to deal with life’s little surprises.

  1. Customize Your Plan
    Give your self-care plan some thought before diving in. What do you need to boost your well-being? Better sleep? A creative project? More time with friends? Remember, a self-care plan is not about adding more to your to-do list. Instead, it’s about tuning in to what you need, identifying barriers, and making adjustments so you don’t end up short-changing yourself.
  1. Prioritize Sleep
    When we are sleep-deprived, we are vulnerable to stress and illness. To help, try going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day. Get in the habit of turning off your devices 30-minutes before bedtime to limit notifications and reduce exposure to blue light. A warm bath, keeping a gratitude journal, or reading a book can also help your body and brain settle in for a good nights’ sleep.
  1. Feed Your Body Quality Ingredients
    The gut-brain axis is real. What we eat directly impacts how we feel, so nourish your body and your mind by eating whole, colorful foods, and staying hydrated. Prepping meals for the week is also a great strategy to help keep you on track and minimize poor decision-making when you’re hungry or tired after a long day.
  1. No Zero Days
    Commit to some kind of movement each day. You would be surprised by how impactful 10-minutes of activity can be. Better yet, make it 3–10-minute sessions and watch your energy soar!  Walking the dog? Check. Swimming with the kids? Check. Light stretches before bedtime? Check, again! It all counts and will have you feeling great and grateful before you know it.
  1. Unplug From Electronics
    Set boundaries and limitations around your tech use and share with others for accountability. You can devote that time to a project you’ve been putting off, or learning a new skill, or connecting with family and friends.
  1. Feng Shui Your Space
    A harmonious environment can increase your focus and remove friction from routine activities. Do some research online to learn how to apply basic Feng Shui principles to different areas of your home or office. Take some time to declutter and organize your space, then head to your nearest resale store with your wares.
  1. A Daily Bright Spot
    Do something that makes you happy each day. What you choose does not need to be elaborate or time-consuming. Morning coffee on the patio before everyone wakes up, listening to your favorite album, or trying a new recipe if you’re an aspiring chef are all simple ideas to incorporate more joy and self-care into your life.

By adding one or more of these little life hacks into your weekly routine, you can increase your happiness, build your resilience, and get more out of life.

Posted by Annelise Patterson