By Melissa Diaz, Wellness AtoZ Project Manager

Workplace wellness initiatives continue to be a priority for the Greater Phoenix Chamber and Foundation. To continue building a healthy work environment for staff, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation recently enhanced its existing lactation accommodation space for new mothers.

The Chamber has been a HAWP (Healthy Arizona Worksites) Award recipient for three consecutive years and we believe this designation has allowed the staff to become healthier and more productive in both their professional and personal lives.

Before implementing a formal wellness plan, the Chamber identified a need for an office wellness space when an employee needed accommodations after returning from maternity leave. As a result, the designated space the Chamber had at their former office space saw a tremendous makeover thanks to initial funding from the Maricopa County Department of Public Health in early 2019. Since the Chamber staff is majority female, young professionals, we made it a priority to enhance the space already established to accommodate nursing supplies. We updated the space to include an FDA-approved multi-user hospital-grade pump, making it easier for nursing moms to travel to and from work without the hassle of carrying all of their equipment. Additionally, each new mom is provided with a pump accessory package, which will ensure they have the proper supplies for using the pump. Providing this functional space for new mothers creates a more inviting work environment and allows the Chamber to show that it cares for its employees just as it cares for its members and the community at large.

To make the area inviting, the wellness space includes a new, comfortable chair that is suited for nursing mothers. The space is also supplied with storage space and a refrigerator for nursing moms to use. The storage space and lactation room includes parenting books, snacks, and additional wellness resources.

This lactation space also serves as a general wellness space area for Chamber employees. The space includes a floor lamp to create a calm environment, framed photographs and greenery to create an inviting atmosphere, an air diffuser with different scented essential oils, soft throw pillows, a floor mat, and books. Employees are encouraged to use this wellness space as needed, but they are always courteous of any new moms in the office who may need to utilize the space.

Ultimately, the Chamber’s Wellness and Lactation room reassures staff that they are in a workplace that values their wellbeing. As we continue to learn how to further support employees in their health and wellness, we will continue to adjust our wellness space to ensure that it is suitable and useful for everyone!


Posted by Annelise Patterson