As one of the Business Development Executives for the Greater Phoenix Chamber, I am excited to help grow the Chamber’s membership and serve the unparalleled collection of companies that are the heart of the largest and best-established business organization in Arizona! I am proud to work at the Greater Phoenix Chamber after living in Arizona all my life and building a career promoting the destination. Our region’s economy and the diversity of it has evolved so much since then! I’m grateful of my background in hospitality because of the unique exposure it offered in meeting so many people from visiting guests, group leaders, and co-workers that’ve become lifelong friends.

Having spent 30 years in the hospitality industry working in everything from operations to leadership, I learned hard work, the presence of great mentors, and an authentic desire to help others create opportunities that can be applied in most areas of business or life. My passion is collecting experiences, not things, and staying nimble and humble through adversity. I am conscious these days about the journey of life and how to make an impact. Because our tourism and hospitality community represent thousands of workers and is a significant contributor to our economy, having a voice through our Public Affairs efforts has a lasting impact on their employees and families. Additionally, the work being done to enforce a pro-business environment is a crucial element in maintaining our Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation!

The Chamber offers a forum to make new business connections in the region, which is beneficial now more than ever with many leaders and decision makers changing professions or moving from one organization to another over the past year. Executives relocating to Phoenix are getting involved in the Chamber to get established and get a pulse of what’s going on in the region. They too are looking to make new connections and build relationships, so the timing to get involved now is ideal.

As we emerge from the pandemic, the Chamber has a unique opportunity to welcome back and educate the local community by highlighting new offerings and amenities such as dining options and staycation specials. Our hospitality partners have so much to share, and the Chamber offers a great platform to share their stories. I thought I knew what the Chamber did before joining the team, but I was wrong. I had no sense of the depth, value, and opportunity that exists for our hospitality community in getting involved. I look forward to sharing the amazing benefits that will help our hotel community and other businesses in the Valley!

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Posted by Annelise Patterson