The work of Wellness AtoZ, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s wellness initiative became more important than ever in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact the lives of Arizonans. Many workers left the office to work from home, gyms temporarily closed, and parents learned to teach their children while balancing their own 9-5 schedule.

During these difficult times, Arizonans searched for mental health resources, ways to stay fit at home, and best practices for working from home. To provide these resources, Wellness AtoZ hosted nine virtual wellness events, three PlayWell Webinars, 3 WorkWell Webinars, one Wellness Connect Virtual Networking Event, and two Spanish WorkWell Webinars throughout 2021.

Wellness AtoZ’s PlayWell Webinars focused on inclusive workplace movement activities, celebrating movement with Wellness AtoZ Day, and improving ergonomics at work to help improve strength and reduce pain. Its WorkWell Webinars focused on educating the community and employers about COVID-19 vaccines in the workplace, practicing mindful nutrition at work, implementing life-balance practices, and improving mental wellness in the workplace. The Wellness Connect Virtual Networking Event helped reunite employers and the community by creating an online space to discuss how different workplaces are navigating new norms surrounding employee wellness. Meanwhile, Wellness AtoZ continued to prioritize connecting with the Hispanic community during the pandemic. Its Spanish WorkWell Webinars focused on how COVID-19 impacted small businesses during the pandemic, and team management, and the importance of making the health and well-being of employees a priority for leadership.

I attended the webinar on nutrition and financial wellness a few months back and I really enjoyed the presenters and found the information to be very useful. I was especially interested in the recommendations that were given for healthy eating during the pandemic and shared this advice with others.– Crista Gofron, Southwest Human Development

About Wellness AtoZ

Wellness AtoZ is a community health initiative of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation aimed at making the Greater Phoenix region known as a destination for healthy talent and a healthy community. Wellness AtoZ complements existing wellness programs, highlighting best practices and offering free tools to enhance your wellness program. By encouraging companies to EatWell, PlayWell, LiveWell, and WorkWell, Wellness AtoZ helps companies invest in their most important resource – their employees.

Wellness AtoZ’s overarching mission in hosting these is to make Arizona known as a destination for healthy living. The goal of hosting PlayWell workshops is to educate and encourage Wellness AtoZ Employers and organizations in our community on the importance of staying active and how to incorporate movement into your workday. Similarly, the goal of WorkWell Webinars focused on collaborating with local and national experts to address relevant health and wellness topics that affect the well-being of employees. Wellness AtoZ also hosted Spanish-language webinars to start the conversation around workplace wellness and health topics affecting the workplace to Spanish-speaking business owners. These Spanish webinars reached over 1k people on the Facebook Live platform. Last, but not least, Wellness AtoZ launched its first networking event, Wellness Connect, to provide a space for employers to discuss health and wellness challenges that affect their workplaces, how they overcame them, and build a supportive network.

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Posted by Annelise Patterson