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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Ready to Support 600,000 Arizonans Through Medicaid Redetermination

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As the end of the federal public health emergency approaches, Medicaid eligibility for millions of Americans, including 600,000 Arizonans, is at risk.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which prevents states from removing Medicaid recipients during a public health emergency, will no longer apply, forcing many people to confirm eligibility or look for another health insurance plan.

Medicaid is the single largest source of coverage for U.S. children, with 54.3% of all children in the country enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP, a report from Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families says. “The potential impact of the unwinding process could double the nation’s uninsured rate for children if not handled well and worsen existing racial disparities in access to health coverage and care,” the Georgetown report says. “Families with high levels of recent residential instability, limited English proficiency, or limited internet access are at greater risk of losing coverage.”

While this all sounds so daunting, there is some good news to share: Many individuals who are losing their Medicaid coverage will be eligible for financial help to pay for their healthcare and some could be eligible for a $0 monthly premium health plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is offering education, guidance, and health insurance options to Arizonans who are no longer eligible for Medicaid. Navigators from the health insurance company will be available in counties across the state to pass out information, answer questions, and help.

“We know this can be an overwhelming time for Arizonans, but we are here to assist,” said Rachel Winkler, General Manager, Individual Segment at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. “It’s important for Arizonans to check their status and understand the timeline to ensure they have no lapse in health insurance coverage.”

To learn more about the timeline and how to prepare, visit the BCBSAZ blog, and to find a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona health insurance plan, visit or call (844)-756-2583 to find out if you are eligible for a Medicaid plan.

To interview a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona expert who can walk through the Medicaid Redetermination process and why it’s so important for Arizonans, please contact me at (602) 373-8212 or