Fast Inc. Network


Our mission is to empower the entrepreneur with resources by committing to curating connections and giving intimate access to industry experts to help accelerate growth and mastery within their business. Fast Inc. Network provides access, connection and collaboration in unique platforms like the Accelerator, Circle and Escape. Created out of necessity by Founder’s Kim England and Lisha Crytzer after their successful multi-million dollar healthcare company’s growth stalled. However, when they found a way to gain access, tools, and trust that they so desperately needed, they multiplied their business revenue ten-fold in 2 years. Now they want to offer other small business owners that same opportunity.

Fast Inc. Business Accelerator

Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ is more than just a conference; it’s an experience. The three pillars of the event are: Community + Trusted Source + Access. A focused 3-day event that brings entrepreneurs together (and out of isolation) to offer personal access to leading business experts who provide insight and strategy for growth. High-impact inclusivity and collaboration are what sets this event apart from the rest. This intimate setting allows 200 small business owners to sit in master classes with business masters like the star of ABC’s Shark Tank Daymond John to truly absorb his expertise and experience face-to-face. No boring lectures or shallow presentations here. Fast Inc. Business Accelerator™ is focused on interaction, connection, and strategy.

Fast Inc. Circle

If you like the Accelerator and are hungry for more, apply to join the Fast Inc. Circle. Annually, FIN accepts a limited number of entrepreneurs into a community of like-minded business owners to create a trusted circle of colleagues.

Fast Inc. Escape

Unique, casual experiences that merge personal growth with fun! Fast Inc. Escapes are designed to connect you with your best self and in a place to change the conversation. This time, it’s about you, not the business. What do you want to challenge in yourself? You are the average of your 5 closest friends… surround yourself with an interactive community designed for personal growth in small groups.