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City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix has a wealth of programs and activities to assist businesses, large and small. The information listed below summarizes the programs offered to assist customers with the permitting and plan review process. For more details contact the City of Phoenix (contact information listed below).

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Self-Certification Program: The Self-Certification Program eliminates traditional plan review by allowing a registered professional to certify a project’s compliance with building codes, standards and ordinances.

Permit by Inspector (PBI) Program: The PBI Program was created for minor commercial interior remodels and tenant improvements which allows customers to obtain plan review and permit approval at the job site. Inspection staff will review plans on site and determine when to begin construction.

Permit by Appointment (PBA) Program: The PBA Program is a streamlined permitting process for commercial remodels and tenant improvements.

Annual Facilities Program (AFP): AFP is an administrative system intended to simplify the permitting and inspection process for facilities by allowing inspectors to review plans and issue permits. Staff consistency allows inspectors to become familiar with the construction history of each facility.

Electronic Plan Review: Project plans can be submitted and reviewed electronically saving both time and money.

Express Pass Site Plan Review: Certain projects are eligible for expedited plan review.

Expedited Plan Review: Expedited plan review is available for qualifying projects.

Adaptive Reuse: The program offers development guidance, streamlined processes, reduced time frame, and cost savings to customers looking to adapt older buildings for new business uses.

Privatized Non-Life Safety Inspections: The Privatized Non-Life Safety Inspection Program is a voluntary program that allows development customers to hire qualified independent private inspectors to perform non-life safety inspections.

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For more detailed information on any of the resources listed above please contact Chief Innovation Officer, Jennifer Mellor at 602.495.6491 or email