Economic Outlook


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What challenges and opportunities lie ahead as our economy continues to grow? The annual fall Economic Outlook event is presented by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Cox Communications and provides the latest research and expert analysis on our financial climate from local, national and international perspectives.

The latest research and analysis on real estate hot spots and economic trends from industry insiders are revealed at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Cox Communication’s annual Economic Outlook event.

2017 Economic Outlook Presentations:

Arizona Economy:
Elliott Pollack, CEO, Elliott D. Pollack & Company, highlights Arizona expansion and what industries are poised for growth. He explains the housing market and how Millennials choice to delay home ownership is impacting the market.

National Economy:
Jim Huntzinger, Executive VP & Chief Investment Officer, BOK Financial, discusses the U.S. economy including the growth rate and how the early warning signs of a recession have not yet formed.  He touches on the job market and the likely hood of wage gains due to the decrease of available workers.              

BREXIT/International Economy:
Andrew Walker, Economics Correspondent, BBC World Service, highlights BREXIT and the sudden resignation of former Prime Minster of Britian, David Cameron.  He emphasizes the concerns of trade in terms of the U.K. economy and that many banks within the U.S could be effected as a result of BREXIT.