Find Your PHX

Streamlined process to help your executive discover and experience Phoenix.

The Greater Phoenix economy is booming.  With businesses hiring, infrastructure expanding, and an entrepreneurs flocking to the area, it is clear that Phoenix is where innovation collides with rich culture, creating a space for everyone to rise!

With growing industries, spaces for small business and fresh start-ups, more than 300 days of sunshine, 35 communities to call home, top universities, and hundreds of miles of multi-use recreation paths, the Greater Phoenix region is the place to work, live, and play!

As the region continues to grow and evolve, the need for qualified talent and a diverse workforce that supports flourishing businesses is what will move Phoenix forward.

Why the Chamber?

The Greater Phoenix Chamber focuses on regional prosperity and the creation of vital and strong communities. With the goal of supporting businesses to innovate, grow, and hire, the Chamber serves as a resource for businesses of all sizes.  From convening thoughts leaders to develop strategic solutions to workforce issues to gathering local experts to advocate for pro-business policies, the Chamber provides a space for leaders from all industries to come together and address any issue impacting the Greater Phoenix region.

Find Your Phoenix

FindYOURPhoenix is an all-inclusive personal integration program to help you navigate your way around the Greater Phoenix region. With a qualified team of regional experts, the Chamber can help your new executive or leader discover the beauty that surrounds the city and the energy that propelled Phoenix forward, making it one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the U.S.

With custom options, businesses can select an option that meets their recruiting needs to assist their new leaders in the perfect place to call home.

You sell YOUR company. We will sell Phoenix!

Your company has spent valuable time and resources to recruit the right executive for the job and bring them to Phoenix. Our services will make your new recruit feel like a true VIP as we showcase all that Phoenix has to offer, through personalized tours with local experts.

Our concierge team gets to know YOUR candidates. Personalized tours showcase all Phoenix has to offer YOUR talent.

FindYOURPhoenix will help your new executive and their family discover facets of Phoenix to make them feel at home. Personalized tours and tailored services seal your recruiting efforts with a unique VIP experience designed to impress!

VIP concierge tour includes:

  • In depth survey to prescribe the optimal tour to meet your candidate’s needs
  • Introductions to local businesses, schools, and community resources
  • Connections to valuable local resources
  • Assistance deciding on the right area of town to call home
  • Ongoing “integration assistance”
  • Professional integration services (Chamber members only)

What’s in it for your company?

Recruiting top talent takes resources. Replacing an executive-level position can cost up to two years salary for recruiting, onboarding and training. FindYourPhoenix will ensure your new executive and their family loves their new home!

Let us help your candidate feel at home. Choose one of the options below. Please call for member pricing.

Arizonan Package

This package includes a detailed introductory survey, assessing the needs and desires of your candidate and their partner, spouse and/or family; a customized, full-day (eight-hour) excursion including lunch; and three months of integration assistance following their tour. The Arizonan Package will leave your candidate with the knowledge they need to be familiar with their new city.

Sonoran Package

The Sonoran Package will ensure your candidate feels at home in the Valley of the Sun! This package includes a detailed introductory survey, assessing the needs and desires of your candidate and their partner, spouse and/or family; two customized, full-day (eight-hour) excursions including lunch on both days; and six months of integration assistance following their tour.

Supplemental Services

  • Follow up half-day tour
  • Additional three months integration assistance
  • Family career connections
  • Luxury transportation and meals
  • Special requests

*Discounts available for bulk package purchases.

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