Elections & Voter Info.

Statewide and Legislative Primary Elections

On Tuesday, August 30, primary elections will be held across the state.

For several races, the Primary Election is where candidates are chosen, as many candidates do not face opponents in the General Election. Participating in the political process by voting is one of the best ways you can help shape Arizona’s future.
View GPCC’s list of endorsed primary candidates to help you vote pro-business. The Chamber will release endorsements for the General Election in September.

Register to Vote

The deadline to register for the Primary Election is August 1. If you miss this deadline you will have until Oct. 10 to register for the General Election. Register today! Remember, independents must choose one party’s ballot on which to cast their votes in the primary election.

Early Ballots

Arizona voters can request an early ballot. Early ballots will be mailed to voters at the beginning of August. Sign up for the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) here.

Polling Places

Find your polling location here.