Policy Committees & Bill Tracking

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s Public Affairs program offers members the opportunity to participate in crafting policy priorities through seven issue committees.

These committees offer industry and community leaders, legal experts and policy advocates the opportunity to evaluate policy and regulatory matters and form policy recommendations on behalf of the Chamber.

Throughout the year, the Public Affairs Committee and issue committees meet to review legislative bills and local ordinances, hear presentations and unite in support of or against policy proposals impacting the business community.

The Public Affairs program unites government affairs professionals, industry practitioners and business leaders to evaluate and craft meaningful policy recommendations and set policy priorities for the Chamber.

During the annual Arizona Legislative session, the Chamber’s Public Affairs team is hard at work tracking bills and providing real-time information on proposals that impact Arizona businesses. The listings below provide a brief description of each issue committee and a link to summaries of key bills that the Public Affairs team has identified as effecting the business community.

  • Agriculture, Environment & Water Committee Supports environment, water and natural resources policies based on sound science and responsive to Arizona’s unique needs. Responds to the needs of the business community by participating in policy-making that supports a strong business climate, while respecting the state’s natural resources.
  • Budget & Tax Committee Promotes tax and budget policies that support the retention of businesses, attract new investment and create employment in the greater Phoenix region and Arizona. Serves as a partner with other Chamber issue committees in evaluating policies that have a tax and/or fiscal impact.
  • Economic Development Committee Supports the Chamber’s Phoenix Forward >> initiative and collaborates broadly with partners to retain, expand and strengthen existing businesses in the Greater Phoenix region.
  • Insurance & Health Care Committee Supports strong insurance and health care markets that offer affordable, quality options to Arizona’s businesses and residents and creates a favorable business environment for these industries to thrive.
  • Legal & Regulatory Reform Committee Addresses a variety of legal issues including tort and regulatory reform, labor/union, ballot reform and election/campaign finance reform.
  • Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Support the development and maintenance of a balanced transportation system that improves mobility and connectivity for the region’s employers, goods, residents and visitors. Evaluates proposed multi-modal transportation projects and advocates for investments and policies that will improve mobility, contribute to economic development of the region and build coalitions representative of the region’s diverse, multi-generational population.
  • Workforce Readiness Committee Works to enhance academic achievement and accountability while offering appropriate skills training that answers employment needs to create a more effective workforce.
  • Public Affairs Committee The seven issue committees listed above meet in August to discuss and evaluate their guiding principles. Each committee’s finalized guiding principles document is then sent to the Public Affairs Committee, where it is reviewed, approved and sent to the Chamber’s Board of Directors for final approval.