Today marks the 109th day of the 53rd Legislature, First Regular Session. As work on the FY 2018 budget continues, the flow of bills being passed by the House and Senate has slowed, but not stopped entirely. Overall, 282 bills have been passed by the Legislature. Governor Doug Ducey has signed 208 of those bills and vetoed four.

The good news is 17 Chamber-supported bills have been signed into law including priority bills dealing with ADA lawsuit (SB 1406) and initiative (SB 1236) reform.

SB 1406 gives business a chance to cure ADA violations before a costly lawsuit is filed. This common-sense law will help ensure ADA compliance in a fraction of the time it would take a lawsuit to work its way through the courts.

SB 1236 holds initiative measures to tighter statutory interpretation when being review by a court. This is necessary because lawmaking should be held to the highest standards, especially when modifying or fixing unintended consequences of voter-approved laws, since this process is extremely difficult to accomplish in Arizona.

CLICK HERE to view all the bills the Chamber supports or opposes.

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