University of Phoenix® College of Health Professions and the School of Advanced Studies recently presented key findings about the health care industry in the Greater Phoenix area.

University of Phoenix College of Health Professions Executive Dean Doris Savron presents whitepaper findings during forum to the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Commissioned by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the whitepaper includes original research about Greater Phoenix region health care, including an industry snapshot, in-demand jobs and skills and a look at how the industry may evolve during the next 5-10 years.

“Health care has been a driving factor for Greater Phoenix job growth in recent years, and the region has the potential to become a national health care hub,” said Doris Savron, executive dean for the College of Health Professions at University of Phoenix.

The whitepaper, which supports the Chamber’s Phoenix Forward collaborative economic development initiative and the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s Health Care Workforce Collaborative, features a deep dive into the health care sector, including definitions, history, background, areas of opportunity and the chief forces changing the health care landscape.

The whitepaper identifies these five key trends that will define the future of health care here:


  • Hospital consolidation
  • Telemedicine and new health technologies
  • An aging population
  • Increased job demand
  • New disruptive models

Understanding these changes and responding to them accordingly are vital to preparing the Greater Phoenix region for growth and innovation in this industry. Fostering a properly skilled and trained workforce is key to these efforts.

“The health care infrastructure in Greater Phoenix has grown steadily and the industry is expected to continue this strong growth,” said Dr. Hinrich Eylers, executive dean for the School of Advanced Studies at University of Phoenix, which conducted the research for the whitepaper. “In order for that to happen, it is imperative that the region understands the dynamics of the health care industry and the unprecedented changes that it is currently undergoing.”

The whitepaper highlights the needs of the health care industry and asks employers, educators, businesses and government officials to collaborate to build the talent pipeline needed to feed this growing sector.

“Responding to the evolving health care industry requires continued investment in business and education infrastructure, pursuit of effective public policy and continued collaboration,” said Greg Tilque, senior economic development manager for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. “Perhaps the most vital ingredient to growing Phoenix’s health care industry is an education system that builds the talent pipeline while retaining existing talent.”

To view all findings, access the whitepaper at To learn more University of Phoenix, visit срочный займ без проверок

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