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Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation Launches Cybersecurity Jobs Resource


Janelle Tassart
C: 480.215.2149 | O: 602.495.6480

Oct. 11, 2017

PHOENIX – In celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (GPCF) announces the launch of, a one-stop resource dedicated to bringing awareness to cybersecurity careers in Arizona, specifically targeted for students, employees, employers and educators.

The resource serves as a byproduct of GPCF’s robust Cybersecurity Workforce Collaborative, focused on filling talent gaps in Arizona’s strong, growing cybersecurity industry.  With over 7,000 high-wage, unfilled cyber positions in Arizona, aims to highlight viable career paths for jobseekers and serve as a resource for employers looking to address the increasing cybersecurity workforce shortage.

“This website is just a sample of the power that this workforce collaborative has to promote the fact that Arizona has world-class educational and workplace resources to help meet the tremendous demand for cybersecurity expertise.  It is imperative to note that this is a vitally important and highly compensated skill that does not require a four-year degree to get started,” said Russ Johnson, Co-chair, GPCF Cybersecurity Workforce Collaborative.

Arizona continues to be a hub for the cybersecurity industry, setting the national standard with its education programs, and serving as a hot bed of cybersecurity talent with over 14,000 cybersecurity professionals employed in the state.

“Arizona has been a leader in cybersecurity since the early ‘90s,” said Steven G. Zylstra, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. “As we continue to grow and stake our claim as a premier national hub in this sector, will provide our technology community with an outstanding tool to help address the increased demand for a more adept cyber workforce.”

Nationally, there are over 300,000 open cyber positions, which is expected to grow to 1.5 million unfilled positions by 2019. Average national wages for cybersecurity jobs start at $70,000 – $85,000 with a quick career path to advanced positions with salaries upwards of $100,000.

“The impact of cybersecurity careers on our region’s economic and workforce development is staggering.  Through, we are highlighting Arizona’s thriving cybersecurity industry and increasing its visibility for our future workforce,” said Todd Sanders, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Arizona’s top leaders, including United States Senator John McCain and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, note that rampant cyber threats nationwide are a strong motivator to keep the cybersecurity industry thriving in the state.

“Arizona is the ideal place to build a cyber workforce to defend, deter and respond to this 21st century threat,” said Senator John McCain. “Our state has demonstrated remarkable collaboration in responding to cyber threats across federal, state, and local intelligence organizations. To accommodate the growing need for cyber warriors, it is essential for Arizona to have a statewide coalition to train our workforce to combat cyberattacks. Arizona’s universities are taking the lead in academia, making a commitment to dramatically increase the output of cyber-qualified graduates. The effective coordination of our universities with industry and government affirms Arizona’s leadership and gives us the opportunity to play a pivotal role in preparing the United States for the information warfare of the 21st Century.”

“In order for us to meet the threat in cyberspace, we must develop the best cybersecurity experts in the nation and keep them here in Arizona,” said Governor Ducey.

Frank J. Grimmelmann, president and CEO of the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA) says Arizona’s strength as being “extraordinarily collaborative” in terms of cyber threats will lend to the success of GPCF’s work as a unified voice for the cybersecurity industry.

“The platform takes an important step in providing a unified statewide message both within Arizona, and supporting Arizona’s growing nationwide recognition as a leader in responding to the cyber threat through highly creative solutions driven by unparalleled statewide cooperation.” Grimmelmann said.

Janelle Tassart
Director, Community Relations
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
C: 480.215.2149 | O: 602.495.6480


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