GPCC President & CEO Todd Sanders

Tomorrow, Arizona will celebrate 115 years of statehood.  We’ve come a long way since our pioneer days. With grit and determination, business and community leaders have transformed our desert into a metropolitan oasis.

From the creation of the Central Arizona Project and other water delivery and conservation systems to a robust, multi-modal transportation and transit system that includes international access, Arizona—and the Greater Phoenix region—are poised to be the next big city destination attracting talent, business and much more.

This year the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) will celebrate our 130th year of being a partner to the business community. GPCC is dedicated to making the Greater Phoenix region the place for businesses to grow, expand and innovate.

With a low corporate income tax rate, a pro-growth regulatory environment that encourages entrepreneurship and several key industries, such as health care and cybersecurity, the Greater Phoenix region is moving our economy forward.

Through our public affairs and economic development teams, the GPCC is advocating for business and growing our economy from within on a daily basis.

By convening business leaders and policy experts regularly through our public affairs program, we are leading the way and helping craft public policy that will retain and attract the businesses our economy needs to thrive. Our accomplishments have helped to elect pro-business lawmakers and stop legislation that would harm business.

But, I know that businesses need more than a healthy regulatory environment, low taxes and a diversified talent pipeline that features three world-class universities. They need a place where their employees can call home.

Luckily, the Greater Phoenix region is about more than just business. We’re a community. With a flourishing arts scene that includes the best off-Broadway performances at ASU Gammage, winning sports teams that knit us together and more new restaurants opening every day, we truly have something for everyone.

I’m proud to be an Arizonan. I’m proud to work with businesses and community leaders to showcase our state and our city because I know that it’s the best place to live and work. And, more importantly, I want everyone else to know it.

Happy Birthday Arizona! May the next century be just as fruitful.

Posted by Danny Imes