Since 80 percent of new jobs come from existing businesses, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) is making workforce development a core component of how GPCC is moving Phoenix forward.

Through the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (GPCF), the business community is tackling a major pain point for most industries: the lack of qualified talent to meet the needs of business. With unique community partnerships, the Foundation is developing innovative pathways to create the job-ready talent our economy needs to set Arizona apart in the race for economic prosperity.

The Foundation brought industry leaders, educators and workforce development partners together to form five workforce collaboratives. Industries participating in these efforts include Cybersecurity; Hospitals; Compliance & Risk Management; Construction and Financial Services. The workforce collaboratives were developed using the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) model, as a blueprint. This demand-driven approach uses lessons learned from innovations in supply chain management while calling for employers to play a new and expanded leadership role as “end-customers” of education and workforce partnerships.

  1. Compliance & Risk Management

Who: This employer-led collaborative consists of professionals in health care, banking, finance, insurance and other industries who are working with education providers to enhance the talent pipeline for compliance and risk management careers. To date, 27 employers are engaging in this collaborative.

What: The compliance and risk management collaborative launched a marketing and branding campaign to highlight career opportunities in the profession, and is working with education partners on advancing certification and degree opportunities in Maricopa County. Visit to learn more about in demand careers in compliance and risk management.

How: The collaborative is developing new education programs at all post-secondary levels, creating a standardized apprenticeship model that can be easily replicated and launching a marketing and branding campaign to highlight

  1. Construction

Who: In partnership with the Arizona State Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee and local business leaders, this group led 186 people representing over 100 different organizations on three education provider tours at GateWay Central City, MetroTech and the East Valley Institute of Technology. With over 100 engaged employers, the Construction Workforce Collaborative is working to bridge the skills gap.

What: The Construction Workforce Collaborative—including commercial and residential contractors and subcontractors— is encouraging individuals to launch a career with growth potential and opportunities to earn while they learn.

How: This collaborative is focused on launching a unified marketing and branding campaign to highlight skilled trades and grow the talent pool in Arizona. Additionally, employers are working to utilize the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s (USCCF) TPM framework to better align educational outcomes with employer demands.

  1. Cybersecurity

Who: This employer-led collaborative consists of industry professionals, educators and training partners working to address talent shortages for security analysts at the junior, mid and senior levels. Currently, more than 60 employers are members of the collaborative.

What: The cybersecurity workforce collaborative launched as a one-stop resource dedicated to bringing awareness to cybersecurity careers in Arizona, specifically targeted for students, career changers, employers and educators. According to, there are currently over 6,800 cybersecurity job openings in Arizona with that number expected to compound significantly in the upcoming years.

How: Collaborative members work together to increase the number of workplace and work-like experiences in Arizona through intensive bootcamps, internships and apprenticeships; drive career awareness through; and align and expand education and training to meet industry needs.

  1. Financial Services

Who: The collaborative is a formal partnership between six local employers, GPCF and the City of Phoenix’s Arizona@Work office.

What: The financial services workforce collaborative utilized Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding to stand up a Series 7 training program. This pre-employment training saved employers an average of $20,000 per individual hired, and resulted in job offers for eight pilot program participants.

How: The collaborative focuses on scaling the Series 7 license pilot program to grow the financial services talent pool in Arizona, expanding WIOA funded training to incorporate additional licenses (e.g. Series 6 or Series 66) and promoting careers in financial services.

  1. Health Care: Hospitals

Who: HR representatives and talent acquisition managers of the region’s largest hospital systems are working with other community education partners to address Arizona’s nursing shortage at the specialty level.

What: Industry leaders identified challenges filling specialty nursing positions, which ultimately impacts their ability to hire new nursing graduates, further compounding the nursing shortage. The collaborative is identifying ways to address this gap by recruiting from other markets, and upskilling and backfilling from the industry’s existing talent pool. Together, they are working to increasing the workplace experiences for nurses to train in a variety of specialty areas.

How: The collaborative is focused on addressing talent shortages by launching a marketing campaign to promote Arizona’s collective health care assets and aid in the recruitment of specialty nurses to the region. Additionally, leaders are reinventing the traditional transition to practice simulation center model to increase the number of nurses and surgical technicians with specialty training experiences and identifying new opportunities to expand workplace experiences, including the development of a specialty nurse apprenticeship.

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