Every election is an important election and has the potential to impact your life and your business.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber is the voice of business in the Greater Phoenix region. With a robust Public Affairs program that is driven by business leaders, policy experts and a Political Action Committee (PAC), the Chamber stands for business at all levels of government.

From monitoring and speaking on issues to vetting candidates and ballot propositions, the Chamber is involved in policy-making on behalf of you and your business.

In 21 days, you and 3.6 million Arizonans will vote in the November 6 general election. You’ll choose from dozens of candidates in races across the state. From electing a new Senator to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate to electing your local city council person, you’ll be faced with a range of options.

Some of those options will include several ballot propositions, which can be daunting when reviewing your ballot. To help you better understand some of the issues and what’s at stake for your business, I wanted to share the business case for key propositions.

  • Proposition 125 Public Retirement System

YES ON PROP 125: The Chamber supports this referral to further reforms that strengthen Arizona’s public retirement systems. The Chamber has long held that public retirement systems need reforms to remain sustainable and keep costs down for taxpayers.

  • Proposition 127 – Clean Energy for a Health Arizona Amendment

NO ON PROP 127: Do not let the title of this proposition fool you. The Chamber stands with Arizona’s business leaders and hardworking families in firm opposition to the “Clean Energy” ballot proposal. This initiative would amend Arizona’s State Constitution to require that public utility companies obtain half of their energy from renewable sources in less than twelve years’ time, while completely ignoring the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station as the largest source of carbon-free energy.in the country If approved, these mandates will cost Arizona thousands of jobs, double energy costs for the average family, and weaken Arizona’s economic competitiveness. If Arizona approves these costly regulations, everyday citizens will be stuck paying the price for generations to come.

  • Proposition 306 – Clean Elections; Unlawful Contributions; Rulemaking

YES ON PROP 306: The Chamber supports Proposition 306. This measure would stop the practice of publically financed candidates transferring public funds to political parties or other tax-exempt organizations.

  • Proposition 419 – Election Funding Disclosure Charter Amendment

NO ON PROP 419: The Chamber opposes this charter amendment to the City of Phoenix charter, as it has the potential to open up the Chamber’s and other nonprofit’s finances to groups that disagree with positions these organizations take in regards to candidates or ballot measures. Additionally, this effort would effectively suppress the business community’s speech in elections.

I know that you’re busy running your business, leading in your company, or searching for your next big project, but as a member of Arizona’s business community, I ask that you take some time over the next two weeks and review this election cycle’s candidates and ballot propositions.

Take the time to educate yourself on the candidates and issues so that you can make an informed choice about how your vote will impact our community.

Of course, if you have any questions or need help navigating the issues, the Chamber is here as your resource.

I look forward to casting my ballot on November 6 and hope that you’ll cast one too.

Posted by Danny Imes