Finding a professional colleague who can lend objective advice and give constructive feedback is a cornerstone of career development. For women in the transportation industry, a mentor can help pave a career path that avoids potholes and navigates the inevitable bumps that arise. It is also important for leaders and senior professionals to find young professionals they can mentor. This symbiotic relationship helps both grow and expand their skills.

For the WTS Metropolitan Phoenix chapter, mentorship is a guiding principle. Our signature Jane Morris Mentorship program shares success stories, inspiration for young professionals, industry education, and opportunities to foster relationships in our profession.

“Mentorship benefits young women by providing them with a support and structure for success,” said Anita Richardson Friijia, WTS Metropolitan Phoenix President. “It also gives leaders an opportunity to coach and share their knowledge and experience with others, improving their own communication and leadership skills.”

An article earlier this year found women working in STEM fields such as utilities, transportation, construction and other male-dominated careers still face higher levels of harassment and discrimination.  To offset this trend, the article suggests building a solid peer support system through trade groups such as WTS! Another suggestion is mentorship programs, whether as the mentor or the mentee. Sharing success stories and experiences can build confidence for all participants and help advance careers.

There are many data-proven results of workplace mentoring, and key among them is sharing knowledge, building support, and improving overall job satisfaction. Here are some others:

  • Succession planning
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Professional development
  • Achieving goals
  • Building strong internal networks
  • Improved teamwork

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