The Valley’s water supply is a precious resource, especially because we live in a desert. At SRP, our goal is to manage supplies so that Arizonans have enough water now and well into the future.

A Resilient Watershed

SRP is working hard to ensure our water supply system is ready to take on its biggest threats, like loss of system storage capacity, drought, and a changing climate. Surprisingly, climate change may be less of a threat to Arizona’s water supply than we initially thought.

“The current state of research suggests that the Salt River system, unlike the Colorado River system, is expected to be impacted by climate change differently,” said Dave Roberts,

The Salt and Verde rivers are less sensitive to climate change because of two main factors: the location of the rivers and the timing of the yearly snowmelt, which feeds our water supply in March and April. Typically, Arizona only gets seven or eight inches of rain a year, so we depend on these vital forested watersheds to replenish the state’s water reservoir system.

Storing Water Underground

All of that water needs to be stored somewhere, and we keep it in our water system infrastructure. In addition to our 1-t RP’s system includes underground water storage facilities, a groundwater well system that sustainably pulls water from SRP’s underground aquifers, and a connection to the CAP Canal and Colorado River water supplies.

Read more about how SRP measures, monitors and moves Arizona water.

Planning for Tomorrow

Although we have enough water for our needs today, we also need to prepare for the future.

“As we have done for more than 100 years, SRP will continue to plan and execute strategies for building resilience in the Salt River and Verde River water supplies we manage for the Phoenix area – even in the face of a changing climate,” Roberts said.

While we hope for the best each year, we plan for the worst. We manage our water resources every year as if we’re heading into an 11-year drought, taking into account the effects that climate change has on the Salt and Verde River systems.

Partnering for the Future

We continue to do research with universities such as Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. And we remain committed to maintaining and improving our water resiliency by collaborating with a variety of government, public, and private partners on a regular basis.

SRP’s reservoirs are in good shape partly because the Valley has been conserving more water — and we plan to keep it that way. Our progress can be credited to the cities’ dedication to water conservation programs and education, and our customers, who play a huge part in SRP’s culture of conservation. Every drop we save today is one we can store for tomorrow.

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