2020 was a year unlike any other. Amid the pandemic, we saw how elected officials—both locally and nationally—responded to the crisis to ensure their constituents and the business community had the resources they needed to make it through an economic downturn.

Among many lessons learned last year, the importance of having level-headed, pro-business/pro-economy elected leaders was thrust into the spotlight. While Arizona navigates through recovery, it is the key decisions that are made by these leaders that will determine how quickly our state is able to return to pre-pandemic levels of success.

This is why the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is so important. We understand that it is difficult for busy business leaders to engage in politics at every level, and we are committed to making local politics easy and accessible for you.

Each election cycle, the Chamber’s PAC thoroughly vets candidates and endorses only those individuals who demonstrate a deep commitment to ensuring that Arizona thrives and that you can enjoy the strongest possible business climate. We are proud of the work that Chamber-endorsed candidates have done in the past year to keep businesses safely open, and on the road to recovery.

This year, our Mega-PAC status is up for renewal, and we need your help to ensure we can continue to vet candidates on your behalf. We need 500 individual contributions of $10 or more to maintain our status—are you willing to chip in?

Nearly 400 of your peers in the business community have contributed—here is what they are saying:

“As a small business-owner, what happens at the legislature or in the halls of political powers can have a significant impact on your organization. The reality is that most of us cannot afford a fancy lobbyist to protect small business-owners without an overabundance of resources at hand.  That is why the Greater Phoenix Chamber PAC is so incredibly important, because they go on offense and defense on behalf of small business-owners down at the Arizona Capitol.”
– Mike Noble, Chief of Research and Managing Partner at OH Predictive Insights

“I support the Greater Phoenix Chamber PAC because it is incredibly effective in local and state elections. Their process is transparent, thoughtful, and representative of our business community, just like the Chamber itself. Contributing and asking my friends, family, and co-workers to contribute gets the PAC to the ‘Mega PAC’ designation, which compounds the reach and impact of the Chamber and our business community even more.”
-Adam McAnally, Analyst, Salt River Project

We appreciate your help in reaching our goal in the next few months. Please make your $10 contribution to the PAC today!

Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin