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July 14, 2021

Gallego is one of five U.S. mayors who visited with President Biden and discuss local infrastructure needs.

(PHOENIX) – Mayor Kate Gallego met with President Joe Biden at the White House today to discuss growing infrastructure needs in Phoenix and across the nation.

“I strongly support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework,” said Mayor Gallego. “This partnership with the federal government is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build on our success, and to regain our footing in the wake of the pandemic. It is important for Congress to act now, so we can continue to move toward our shared vision of what Phoenix can be: an equitable, green city where families and businesses thrive, knowing their future is safe and secure.”

Today’s meeting included mayors from Denver, Oklahoma City, Dayton, Ohio, and Mobile, Alabama; governors of New Jersey, Vermont and Illinois; Vice President Kamala Harris and members of the President’s cabinet; and several additional high-ranking members of the Administration. There was a shared sense of urgency, and agreement among the elected officials that America needs to invest in infrastructure to maintain our competitive edge. “Whether its protecting our water supply or developing our regional transportation plan, Maricopa County has been able to work on infrastructure on a bi-partisan basis. I am hopeful that Congress can work across party lines to make this historic investment in our nation’s future,” said Mayor Gallego.

During her time in office, Mayor Gallego has prioritized strengthening infrastructure investment and has shown a record of proven results. She led the successful campaign to create Phoenix’s long-term citywide transportation plan, and remains focused on working with state, regional, and federal partners to ensure Phoenix improves its current infrastructure to offer investment opportunities for all residents.

Today, the Mayor’s emphasis was on meeting the needs of Phoenix as the nation’s fifth largest city and its fastest-growing. The discussion included how to improve the commutes of Phoenix residents and how infrastructure creates high wage jobs. Mayor Gallego also thanked the President for the emphasis on water infrastructure in Western states.

Posted by Annelise Patterson