This September we are recognizing the importance of self-care by sharing tips from several Wellness AtoZ Employers! Self-care practices are vital  in ensuring we are at our best  so that our performance in the workplace is optimal. Our friends over at Nuuaria, a program designed to help you change your health through mindset shared their self-care tips personally and in the workplace. See below for three self-care tips from Maya Nahra, Registered Dietician and President and Owner of Nuuaria.

  1. How do you define “self-care”?

“For me personally, I would define self-care as the ability to both be aware and take action on my own needs mentally, emotionally, and physically. For example, resting without numbing through TV and social media; being able to recognize and honor what type and how much exercise is right for me today; or, being aware of a racing mind and taking the steps to slow it down. For the record, this took me a long time to be able to actually do.”

  1. What does your workplace “self-care” routine look like?

“Remembering NOT to sit for hours, to get up and stretch. Preparing and packing up good food. Remembering to close my door when I need focus time. Stopping to close my eyes before I start moving between tasks too quickly. Reminding myself that nothing is really that serious.”

  1. Why should businesses promote self-care in the workplace? 

“I think the workplace is being redefined before our eyes, in this very moment and it’s all still a little unknown. What I do know is that people are craving a more well-rounded and balanced life, however, that looks for them. Therefore, a workplace with wellness, promoting self-care will be a far more attractive place to work.”

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Wellness AtoZ understands the importance of having a wellness program that values self-care in the workplace and the benefits that come with it like happy and healthy employees! As, Maya Nahra, mentioned in her self-care tips, a workplace that values self-care as a component of wellness is also an attractive place to work. Nowadays, self-care is being talked about more often and what it means looks different for everyone. Our Wellness AtoZ Employer, Susan West is the owner of M2 Wellbeing, a mobile wellness studio that aspires to meet people where they are at in their wellness journey and provide tools and resources to improve mental health and wellbeing. She shares her take on self-care in the workplace below.

  1. How do employees benefit from a workplace that provides opportunities to practice self-care?

“Promoting self-care in the workplace is a win-win for employers and employees. Employees bring their whole selves to work, so if they are not well, neither are their work product or relationships. I work with employers all over the Valley and they clearly understand that connection. Workplace wellness programs can enhance retention, improve productivity, lower medical claims costs, build teams.” 

  1. What are three simple ways to practice self-care at work or while working from home?
  • “Take a meditation break. Check out M2’s YouTube channel for a variety of free options.”
  • “Every hour or so, take a 10-minute break from your screens. Think of it as interval training for your brain! To be and feel your best, you need to alternate periods of rest and work. So take a walk around the building or block. Go visit with a colleague or housemate. Meditate (see above).”
  • “Use the well-being resources and classes your organization offers! Lots of employers share that they have a hard time justifying wellness-at-work programs because employees don’t show up. So use it or lose it! Show your employer that you see and encourage their efforts to support you.”
  1. What have you found to be the top 3 benefits of being a WellnessAtoZ employer? 

“I love being part of a community that advocates for well-being and offers reasons and opportunities to be better together.”

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We hope you find these self-care tips from our Wellness AtoZ Employers helpful! Please feel free to share this article with our networks. If you do share, please tag us and our friends at Nuuaria and M2Wellbeing!

Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin