My name is T.J. Mitchell, and I am honored to serve as the Chair of the Valley Young Professionals (VYP) Board of Directors this year. Our board is replete with some of the most passionate and accomplished young leaders Phoenix has, and I couldn’t be more excited for the future of VYP.

A little bit about me – I was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Arizona in 2004. I attended the University of Arizona for my undergraduate studies and returned to the Valley of the Sun to attend law school at Arizona State University. I currently practice as a business/securities lawyer at Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod LLP – and yes, I know some great lawyer jokes!

I have been a member of the Valley Young Professionals for four years and have been on the board for three. The momentum and potential in Phoenix, particularly for young professionals, is tangible. There has not been a better time to be a young professional in Phoenix than now – and the board’s goal is to continue to foster and cultivate that sentiment.

I had three primary goals for VYP when I ran for Vice-Chair of VYP’s Board of Directors a year ago, and I am excited to continue to pursue these goals as the board’s chair. My goals were (1) to effectively transition VYP’s programming back to engaging (and safe) in-person events following the COVID pandemic; (2) to be intentional about implementing member feedback, to make our events the best they can be for all attendees; and (3) to continue building VYP’s reputation as the premier young professional organization in Phoenix. I believe that by implementing plans to accomplish goals (1) and (2), we can accomplish goal (3).

Practically speaking, that means that this year we have an incredible slate of events available for our members, ranging from new opportunities like a tour of ASU’s new Center for Planetary Health to volunteering with Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, a non-profit focused on innovating childhood cancer care. We are also bringing back events that have historically been fan favorites, such as the Diamondbacks baseball game (and accompanying networking event and speech from D-backs leadership) and our annual mentor breakfast. We know that our members are busy young professionals, and the Board is deliberate about maximizing the impact and value of each event.

As you can see, VYP’s future is bright, and we look forward to continuing to provide opportunities for professional and personal cultivation for our members. If you are between the ages of 25-39 and have not attended a VYP event, you are invited to join us – you are welcome to reach out to me directly, and we will get you registered for an upcoming event that interests you. If you are outside that age range, I encourage you to consider what young professionals you have in your company that would benefit from our programming. I assure you, there is something for everyone!

I hope to see you at our next event!

T.J. Mitchell, VYP Board of Directors – Chair

Posted by Annelise Patterson