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56th Arizona Legislature passes bipartisan budget, but no sign of adjournment

The month of May started with mumblings of a possible budget being passed, signaling that the negations with the legislature and Governor’s office were progressing well. By Monday, May 8th, spreadsheets were being shown to Senate and House members, and by Wednesday, May 10th, the budget was passed with bipartisan support in both Chambers and sent to Governor Hobbs. The Governor signed the $17.8 billion Fiscal Year 24 budget on Friday, May 12th, signaling a significant milestone for her administration. The budget allocated most of its monies through one-time spending to various areas such as water, infrastructure, education, and housing. This results from each lawmaker getting their own pot of money to spend mostly as they saw fit. There are still outstanding issues that need to be addressed by this legislature, such as the Prop 400 extension that expires in 2025. There are also a few issues that the budget did not fund, such as the hospital assessment that would leave a large hole in how Arizona’s hospitals are maintained. The legislature adjourned until Monday, June 12th but may be called back sooner to address these pressing issues.