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Greater Phoenix Chamber CEO says Lake Mead is key to state’s health

Arizona Business Daily Reports | Nov 14, 2016 Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Todd Sanders said in...


As minimum wage is set to increase local business leaders are wary of bottom line

"While we support fair wages, Prop. 206 is not an effective economic policy,” said GPCC Public Affairs VP Mike Huckins.


Greater Phoenix Chamber offers tips to help businesses prepare for Generation Z employees

“Gen Z wants honesty and face-to-face conversations; they want to be a contributor and be taken seriously," said David Bruno.


Meet the Valley’s newest ATHENA Award recipients

"The 2016 ATHENA finalists do more than push the boundaries of achievement, they shatter them,” said CEO Todd Sanders.


Get to know Prop 205 and 206: two important issues this election

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce opposes Proposition 205 and 206.


Elliott Pollack: Why 2017 will be the year of the snail economy

“We going to see continued subpar growth in 2017," Pollack said. "We just have to get used to it.”


Think economic recovery is weak? Blame Millennials, slower population growth

Economist Elliott Pollack said the state’s population is projected to grow around 2 percent annually for the next several years.


5 signs to watch for the economy in 2017

Economist Elliott Pollack looked into his crystal ball: 2017 will be the year of the tortoise.


Greater Phoenix Chamber announces new board leadership

The 2016-2017 board will focus on growing the economy, supporting business growth and advocating for pro-business policies.


BBC economy reporter: How the Brexit impact will be felt in Arizona

Arizona companies that do business in the UK could see an impact from Brexit, says BBC correspondent Andrew Walker.