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5 signs to watch for the economy in 2017

Economist Elliott Pollack looked into his crystal ball: 2017 will be the year of the tortoise.


Greater Phoenix Chamber announces new board leadership

The 2016-2017 board will focus on growing the economy, supporting business growth and advocating for pro-business policies.


BBC economy reporter: How the Brexit impact will be felt in Arizona

Arizona companies that do business in the UK could see an impact from Brexit, says BBC correspondent Andrew Walker.


To reduce parking hassles at Sky Harbor Airport, follow these tips

Choosing the perfect parking area at Sky Harbor Airport can be easy if you remember a few tips.


What’s happening in Arizona this election season?

GPCC hosted a panel of experts who offered their projections on this roller coaster ride of an election season.


GPCC business development exec earns lifetime achievement award

“Jeff’s service to members and the Chamber is beyond compare,” said Debbie Drotar, GPCC director of business development.

Marijuana, higher wages to be decided by Arizona voters in November

Voters will have a say on two important propositions on the November ballot that will have effects on business.


Libertarian groups push Arizona legislature for ‘prosperity zones’

Mike Huckins testified that the concept as proposed is not considered business-friendly by the organization.


Why chambers of commerce should focus on economic development

Economic development is woven into the fabric of the work that chambers of commerce do, day in and day out.

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce opposes minimum wage increase

This measure would be detrimental to Arizona’s competitiveness and would negatively affect small businesses,