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Expert: Workforce housing, not recession, biggest issue for Phoenix

There are no signs pointing toward an imminent recession in the region, but Phoenix, like many U.S. cities, will have...


Arizona university presidents discuss ways to generate revenue in face of decreased state funding

The presidents of Arizona’s three state universities are looking at new ways to generate revenue as they face shrinking state...


Arizona University Presidents Call On Business, State Leadership To Support Higher Education

As Arizona lawmakers consider the Gov. Doug Ducey’s budget proposal, the state’s public universities are evaluating the future of higher...


Greater Phoenix Chamber Encourages Business Growth, Workforce Development, and Community Collaboration

The Crunch: Chambers of commerce are long-standing, trusted networking organizations, but their traditional roles are evolving to help business leaders adapt...


New website launches to address cybersecurity talent gap in Arizona, a one-stop resource dedicated to bringing awareness to cybersecurity careers in Arizona, specifically targeted for students, employees, employers and...


Big changes coming for Arizona workers, in terms of sick time at work

Mike Huckins discusses the Chamber's opposition to the Prop. 206 mandate requiring all Arizona employers provide all employees paid sick...


New law eases ADA fixes, deters unscrupulous attorneys

A much-needed reform to the way minor ADA complaints are handled by the court system and rectified by businesses.


Todd Sanders discusses NAFTA renegotiation effects on Arizona economy

A NAFTA renegotiation must consider that Mexico is Arizona's No. 1 trading partner.


Angel Investment Tax Credit: Too much of a good thing isn’t nearly enough

The Angel Investment Tax Credit program encourages investment in start-ups and other higher-risk ventures.


Deliver the citizens’ initiative process back to Arizonans

GPCC supports a full review and reform of our state’s citizen initiative process.