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Business Advocates Discuss the Upcoming State Legislative Session

The new legislative session is right around the corner so we’re asking advocates what they hope to see from lawmakers this session. We spoke to business advocates Danny Seiden, President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Todd Sanders, President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

“What we would want to see at the Arizona Chamber, and I’m sure all of the business community, is a continuation of the momentum we’ve seen in Arizona making us the No. 1 place in the country to come grow a business, relocate your business or start a business. And that happens through good policy,” Seiden said.

Bills recognizing the importance of good policy is something Seiden would also like to see, along with support for properly-funded education, infrastructure and energy.

Sanders emphasized a strategy involving defense and making sure the ball is moving forward despite the fact there were multiple policies introduced last year that he believes were harmful.

“The other part I think is an economic strategy, which is the offense side of that, for instance economic tools that continue to help us grow like the continuation of the Arizona Office of Economic Development, the ACA, that has to happen. I think the third piece that we’re all going to be looking at is how we’re going to balance the budget in a way that’s going to be sustainable in the out-years,” Sanders said.

Danny Seiden, President and CEO of Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Todd Sanders, President and CEO at Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce