Preparing for layoffs is a lot like talking about funerals. No one wants to discuss it until they have no choice. But in the midst of sadness, confusion, and a sudden loss of confidence, it can be very comforting to have an outplacement partner in your corner to help provide a sense of security. More importantly, this partner can assist in developing a strategic plan for your next steps for you and for your separating employees.

When I was laid off in 2009, having an outplacement partner provided me with a needed support system. Leaving my nine year engineering career was hard, but necessary to begin walking in my purpose as a career manager. In the years that followed, I developed my skills as a resume writer, job search strategist, and career manager. Having helped hundreds of job seekers land their ideal positions, I knew I could offer a robust outplacement solution for professionals looking to find their next step.

With the launch of Push Outplacement Services, my dream of helping people navigate and plan their professional lives is now my reality.

At Push Career Management, I work with executives to provide quality, personal coaching, and practical career transition support when they are faced with the difficult decision to layoff part of their workforce. When you want to do the right thing for your loyal employees, and you want a sprinkling of positive PR to an emotionally charged situation, partnering with an outplacement firm (that gets it) is just smart business!

Partnering with an outplacement and career transition firm protects your industry reputation and brand, helps you to avoid litigation risks, and creates a willing-to-return talent pool once your business rebounds. But more importantly, it allows you to take care of the people that have taken care of your company for so long.

Although I hope we never have to work together, I’d be honored to speak with you and share some best practices if you ever find yourself in need of an outplacement solution.

-Brenda Cunningham, founder, Push Career Management

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Posted by Danny Imes