GPCC President & CEO Todd Sanders

Last month, I watched proudly as the Greater Phoenix Chamber honored three elected officials as our Sentinel Award recipients for the eighth consecutive year. This tradition serves to recognize those elected officials who stand as stalwart advocates of the business community in Arizona. These leaders consistently work with us to keep our economy and our business climate prosperous. Without strong leadership within our city, county, and state, businesses would not be able to thrive.

At this year’s IMPACT Awards, we recognized Arizona State Senator Bob Worsley as one of our three Sentinel Award recipients. Senator Worsley has been a long time champion for the business community. Senator Worsley has been an ally and a friend. He’s supported common sense legislation and continually supported pro-growth policies. He brought his experience as a business leader and entrepreneur to the legislature and knew how to work with others to get legislation across the finish line.

Last week, Senator Worsley announced that he—like many others this election cycle—would not be seeking re-election to public office. As we continue to grow and innovate in our economy, it is important that we have people like Senator Worsley—and on the democratic side Senator Sean Bowie—who are focused on putting policy before politics.

With the goal of supporting pro-growth, pro-business candidates that are focused on bipartisan solutions to problems hindering our economic growth and potential, that the Chamber’s Political Action Committee vets and endorses candidates that the Chamber’s stringent pro-business standards.

This year we proudly endorsed more than 55 candidates from all political parties—including Governor Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich—in the 2018 primary election.

As the August 28 primary election quickly approaches, it’s vital that every eligible voter registers and participates. While some public officials are stepping away from elected offices, there are still plenty of common-sense candidates that need your support. By registering to vote in the primary election and educating yourself on the issues, your voice and vote can make a difference and help to move Phoenix forward.

Make it your priority to register and cast an informed vote in the primary election on August 28. Check your voter registration status and register to vote by July 30 at заём

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Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin