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March 14, 2019

PHOENIX – The Greater Phoenix Chamber launched a personalized, community concierge service to assist businesses with connecting new talent to the Greater Phoenix community.

Find Your PHX is a concierge, community integration service available to companies looking to help their executives and high-level new hires find a community and develop roots in the Greater Phoenix region.

Find Your PHX helps new executives and their families discover facets of the Greater Phoenix region to make them feel at home. Personalized tours and tailored services assist businesses’ recruiting efforts with a unique VIP experience designed to impress and help sell Phoenix as the best place to live, work, and play!

“We believe that the Greater Phoenix region is the best place for businesses and individuals to thrive,” said Greater Phoenix Chamber President & CEO, Todd Sanders. “Our goal with Find Your PHX is to help businesses attract and retain the talent they need to grow, expand, and move Phoenix forward.”

The Find Your PHX team helps businesses by taking the pressure off their new recruit when relocating to Phoenix. The Find Your PHX team will ensure that new recruits and their families feel connected and at home in the Valley of Sun.

“As a Phoenix transplant myself, I understand the difficulty of relocating to a new home while transitioning to a new career or a new company. The Find You PHX service will greatly help businesses recruit and retain talent to Greater Phoenix and enhance our region,” said Sarah Strunk, Board Chair of the Greater Phoenix Chamber.

Find Your PHX offers several services and packages to meet all levels of need. From in-depth consultations with new-hires to tours of local communities, Find Your PHX works collaboratively with individuals relocating and their employer to ensure that they find the right community for them to feel welcome in the Valley of Sun.

Find Your PHX will help new recruits, their spouses, and families build roots in the Greater Phoenix region. Through established relationships with the Greater Phoenix Chamber, transplants will be introduced to school administrators, local non-profits, peer business leaders and more, making it much easier for the entire family to become acclimated in the community.

“As the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s economic development efforts have grown, we’ve continually heard from our members that it can be challenging to recruit new talent into the Greater Phoenix community,” said Jennifer Mellor, Chief Innovation Officer of the Greater Phoenix Chamber. “Find Your PHX was developed with input from a number of advisors helping to address this specific issue.”

The Greater Phoenix Chamber is currently seeking companies interested in providing concierge community integration services to their new recruits.

To learn more about Find Your PHX and the services available, click here.


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