Author: Jennifer Mellor, Chief Innovation Officer

Over the last three months, Arizona’s booming economy has dramatically slowed down. As a community, we’ve seen how the impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic has transformed business functionality and created seemingly insurmountable uncertainty for business owners, employers, and innovators.

In 2014, when our region was emerging from the depths of the Great Recession, our team launched Phoenix Forward >>, an effort aimed at helping Arizona’s businesses thrive in a post-recession economy.

Looking ahead and beyond our current challenges, our top concern is ensuring that the Chamber is helping to take care of businesses no matter what.

As your Chamber, we will be working to support businesses during Arizona’s economic recovery and collaborating with community leaders to carve out a path toward economic prosperity for all Arizonans.

In the new fiscal year, we will be reinvigorating efforts to support businesses through a multi-pronged, three-year strategic approach that will be informed by national trends, relevant data points, and input from local leaders.

Our efforts will focus on four key areas, including:

  • Business Recovery: Through business outreach and education efforts, our team will serve as a guide and foundational resource to businesses during the economic recovery period, deploying a campaign to support businesses, hosting informative webinars, and advocating for business-friendly policies.
  • Data Analytics: In addition to working directly with businesses to connect them to critical resources and experts, we will be working with partners to collect, analyze, and distribute relevant data to focus on the region’s unique business climate.
  • Economic Prosperity: As the world continues to evolve, our programming will evolve too. In the upcoming year, our economic development efforts will emphasize developing and supporting an inclusive economy that is accessible to all individuals.
  • Education and Workforce Development: In partnership with the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation, the Chamber’s economic development efforts will accentuate the need for businesses to engage in education transformation and build strong and diverse talent pipelines to support businesses.

These renewed efforts are in follow-up to Phoenix Forward >>, which helped inform the work of our Foundation.

I look forward to sharing more information about our latest economic development project with the Chamber’s members and community members at large in the new fiscal year.

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Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin