University of Phoenix Follows Through on Commitment to Utilize All CARES Act Funding for Direct Assistance to Students — Pledges Same Approach with Any New Funding

PHOENIX, July 20, 2020 – Today, University of Phoenix announced all CARES Act funding has been distributed directly to students, providing emergency relief aid to those who were not exclusively studying online before the COVID-19 pandemic. The Education Stabilization Fund requires higher education institutions to use at least 50 percent of any funding received for direct financial assistance to students, but as stated in April, University of Phoenix has distributed 100 percent of federal dollars it received to 3201 eligible students. In keeping with the promise of complete transparency, the university provided between $800 to $2,411 in direct financial assistance to eligible students, awarding additional funds to those students who were impacted most, including single parents, healthcare workers and first responders, and those facing unemployment. A full accounting of these funds is available on the university’s website.

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to test our nation and each of us as individuals. But we are proud of the resilience that the University of Phoenix community has shown in the face of this adversity,” said University of Phoenix President Peter Cohen. “The university remains committed to ensuring every penny of future funds allocated to address the ongoing educational impact of this pandemic will be sent directly to impacted students, and we urge other institutions to set a similar example.”

“As a national leader in online higher education, University of Phoenix recognizes the importance of this moment as hundreds of institutions across the country transition their fall cohorts to online learning,” said Andrea Smiley, Vice President of Public Relations at University of Phoenix. “We believe it is our responsibility to take care of our students and their families, many of whom are on the frontlines of the pandemic. We are particularly proud of the 160 working adult students who were eligible for funding but opted to pay it forward to other students who were in greater need.”

Crystal Brown received approximately $2,400 from the university as part of the CARES Act. Crystal was in the middle of moving her family when the pandemic hit. Already strapped by expenses associated with the move, the inability to access the resources at the University of Phoenix campus she attends left her with unexpected, additional expenses to set up computer and Internet service, so she could continue classes toward her Bachelor of Science in Human

“After the costs associated with my move, I was literally down to my last $160 until later in the month, when I would be paid next,” said Brown who lives and works in Georgia. “When I logged into my bank account and saw the CARES funds, I couldn’t believe it. I called the university immediately to verify what I was seeing. It was a miracle! And, it has helped me manage through all of this change in my life. I’m so grateful I can continue my studies and work to finish
my degree.”

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