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Athenas are goddesses of wisdom, but we are all facing unique challenges we never imagined possible, making it hard to be our best Athena selves. From the transition to working at home, for so many, to acting as school teachers for our children at home, conjuring up new meals to make at home, to caring for aging parents/grandparents who too often are confined to being alone, and the challenge of juggling whatever else life throws our way. Focusing on both our physical and emotional needs is critical to meet the growing demands we face.

We are truly navigating a new world. These demands and changes wreak havoc on our bodies and minds. We don’t even get the benefit of some of life’s normal pleasures, like concerts, parties, or coffee talk around the water cooler with our work colleagues. I never knew how much I would miss the simple things until they stopped abruptly for so long! Do you find you miss these things too?

These changes require we all find new ways to cope. Research we’ve conducted at Cigna points to exercising mindfulness to help us manage stress. Through meditation, breathing, getting outdoors, and leaning on friends, family, and co-workers we can build resilience, curb loneliness, and avoid depression.

These are all real concerns, for taking care of ourselves, our families, and our teams at work. No doubt it is hard to find time but be sure you invest in yourself to stay healthy, both body and mind. This means finding time to prepare and eat healthy meals, exercise, get outdoors, and recharge our minds and bodies by relaxing. Any time possible, try to make real human connections. Using technology to Zoom and Facetime with friends, co-workers, and family not living with you all help us build our resilience and feed our psyche.

Cigna delivers our CLIMB (Changing Lives by Integrating Mind and Body) program to customers as a way to help to incorporate mindfulness and stress management in their everyday lives. Even if you are not a Cigna customer, you can listen to the podcasts we developed, available in English and Spanish. They can teach you simple methods to calm the mind and body and strengthen awareness.

Cigna offers these and other helpful resources at:

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