While much of the attention has been on the state budget and how the Legislature will delegate funds next year, the City of Phoenix is also in full-swing budgeting mode. City Manager Jeff Barton released the FY 2023 Trial Budget to the Council and broader community late last month. The city is projecting a healthy surplus of about $76 million this year. In order to address the city priorities, the proposed budget invests new funding into areas such as public safety and criminal justice, affordable housing, economic development, and roadway safety. The Chamber encourages these investments in critical areas while ensuring that the city maintains flexibility for future uncertainty. City leaders held numerous public hearings on the proposal, and it will now go before the City Council to make adjustments and final adoption in June. Read more here: https://www.phoenix.gov/budgetsite/budget-books/2022-23_Trial_Budget.pdf


Posted by Annelise Patterson