D.C. Executive Dialogue 2016

A coalition of top Arizona business leaders visiting Washington, D.C. the week after the historic 2016 presidential election found Arizona’s representatives and senators generally optimistic about what can be achieved with majorities in both chambers and a member of their party – albeit a political wildcard – in the White House.

“There really wasn’t a better time to do this trip than immediately after this year’s presidential election,” said Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Todd Sanders. “Our job is to help Arizona business leaders succeed with actionable information on issues that move our state forward. Bringing them face-to-face with Arizona’s congressional delegation, senators and the Trump transition team was an ideal way to achieve that goal.”

As a part of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s annual Executive Dialogue Delegation, business leaders were treated to policy briefs from U.S. Chamber of Commerce experts on issues vital to the business community including developing a qualified workforce, trade agreements, overall infrastructure including transportation, the economy, border security, regulatory reform and addressing the U.S. debt including reducing entitlement spending. The policy briefs were followed by candid policy discussions and forecasts for the upcoming year with members of Arizona’s congressional delegation and key staffers.

Below you will find the resulting takeaways, impressions and policy recommendations from the 2016 D.C. Executive Dialogue Delegation. The delegation also decided to send Arizona’s senators, congressmen, congresswomen and the incoming president letters reflecting our desires as the business community.

2016 D.C. Executive Dialogue Recap Handout
Letter to Trump Administration
Letter to Sen. Jeff Flake
Letter to Sen. John McCain
Letter to Congressman Matt Salmon
Letter to Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema
Letter to Congresswoman Martha McSally
Story highlighting Congresswoman Martha McSally’s comments to the delegation
Letter to Congressman Paul Gosar
Letter to Congressman Trent Franks
Letter to Congressman Ruben Gallego
Letter to Congressman Raul Grijalva
Letter to Congressman-elect Andy Biggs
Letter to Congressman-elect Tom O’Halleran
Trip photo album
Trip recap story