For more than 30 years, the Chamber has honored the accomplishments of businesses and the impact they’ve had in the Phoenix region at the Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon.  The IMPACT Awards recognizes eight companies—four companies with 250 or fewer employees and four companies with more than 250 employees—in four categories.

IMPACT Award Categories:

  • Community Champion – A business focusing on local community involvement, volunteerism and truly making a positive impact in the community throughout their company.
  • Economic Driver – A business or organization substantially contributing to the economic vitality of the Greater Phoenix community by creating new jobs and opportunities, advancing a new industry or revitalizing a business sector or neighborhood.
  • Exceptional Innovator – A business exemplifying the spirit of entrepreneurialism, this business identifies opportunities or unmet needs and takes risks, creates value, initiates changes or develops innovative solutions.
  • Arizona Advocate – A business promoting pro-growth, pro-job policies that foster a business-friendly climate, advocating for Arizona on a state, national and/or global level as a unique place for businesses and individuals to thrive.

Every year the Chamber, in partnership our supporters and sponsors, highlights the best of the best in business. Through the IMPACT Awards, the Chamber elevates and honors eight companies with a strong footprint in the Valley that are deserving of special recognition for their work.

This year could be the year that the Chamber recognizes your company or a company that you work with or admire. In order to be recognized though, companies need to be nominated. The nomination process only takes a few minutes, but it comes with several benefits including:

  1. Be an award recipient: A company can’t be named a recipient if they aren’t nominated. Being named an IMPACT Award recipient by the largest business organization in the state is an accomplishment that would make any business owner or executive proud.
  2. Exposure across platforms: Companies receive plenty of marketing opportunities. From being included in the Chamber’s newsletters and event marketing materials, recipients receive plenty of exposure. Finalists and recipients also receive special shout outs on social media.
  3. Employee recognition: Being nominated for the IMPACT Awards, and then being named a finalist or recipient shows employees that they work they do is valued. More importantly, it provides the opportunity for employees to feel like their contributions are making an impact.
  4. Tell your story: Companies that are nominated and go on to be named recipients have the chance to tell their stories, highlighting how and why their business makes a positive impact in Phoenix. Recipients also have a video showcased at the Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon and on the Chamber’s website.
  5. Connect with business: Participating as a nominee in the IMPACT Awards provides companies and business professionals with the opportunity to meet other businesses that share the passion and drive for moving Phoenix forward.

Unsure if the IMPACT Awards is the right fit for your company or potential nominee? Learn more about the program by getting to know the 2017 IMPACT Awards and 2017 IMPACTful Nonprofit Award recipients.

Nominate today!

-Written by Miranda Cain-Morton, Community Relations Manager займы на карту

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Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin