GPC President & CEO Todd Sanders

The economy is a vital part of any business’s ability to succeed. Without the insights and ability to understand, and to a certain extent anticipate the future of the economy, businesses risk being unprepared.

With the right resources and experts, any business can be ready to weather any economic ups and downs, which is why the Greater Phoenix Chamber annually hosts the region’s foremost economic forecasting event.

As the region’s largest business organization, we understand how important it is for your business to have access to reliable and accurate information, and opportunities to connect with other like-minded business professionals. This is why the Chamber continually strives to provide platforms for your business to connect with others and, more importantly, connect with experts.

On September 25 at Economic Outlook 2019, I’m pleased that we are able to once again host the experts you need to hear from to move your business forward.

As the first major event of our fiscal year, I am thrilled to be able to bring together diverse economic perspectives on one stage.

Every year at Economic Outlook, the Chamber hosts three economic experts to provide insightful and actionable information about the local, national, and global economies, and how economic trends impact your business.

Local economist Elliott Pollack will be joined by national expert Jim Huntzinger of BOK Financial and journalist Molly Wood of America Public Media’s Marketplace Tech. Together, these powerhouses of information will share their expectations of the business climate for the next six to twelve months.

Together, we will learn how businesses can prepare themselves to be successful and how we—as your Chamber—can assist businesses in expanding. Through our public advocacy work and economic development efforts, the Chamber is focused on creating a healthy business environment where all businesses can prosper.

I’m looking forward to the insights from this year’s keynote presenters, and I hope that you and members of your company will join us this year at Economic Outlook 2019.

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